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This season, we’ll continue our journey to bring you behind-the-scenes insights and unexpected ideas that are creating business and career success right here in my chosen hometown of Bonita Springs, Florida.

If we haven’t yet met, I’m Darcy Eikenberg–also known as Coach Darcy–and I’m so glad you’re here. I’m a credentialed business & leadership coach, the founder of the leadership & career development firm Red Cape Revolution and author of Bring Your Superpowers to Work: Your Guide to More Clarity, Confidence & Control. (More about me here.) While I have the great honor to be hired to coach and teach business professionals all over the world, I made the decision about five years ago to move my company and my life to Bonita Springs, Florida.

While I’ve been here, I’ve discovered a secret. I’ve discovered is that while Bonita means beautiful, it also means business. This is no longer just a sleepy little retirement or vacation region—great work is happening all around us, and my goal with this podcast is to bring some of those stories to you.

If you haven’t caught up on Season One yet, now’s a great time! And coming up this season, I’ll introduce you to even more business professionals making a difference right here, right now, in our Southwest Florida town.

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Again, I’m your host Bonita Business Coach Darcy Eikenberg, and remember, Bonita may mean beautiful, but it also means business. Enjoy the shows!

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Bonita Business Podcast is supported by Spotlight News Magazine

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