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You’re Invited to Sponsor the Bonita Business Podcast

Bonita Business Coach Darcy Eikenberg
Your podcast host, Bonita Business Coach Darcy Eikenberg

The Bonita Business Podcast is designed to share and promote useful, positive, and often unconventional business advice that’s being put to use right here in Bonita Springs, Florida–one of Southwest Florida’s fastest growing areas.

The data’s pretty clear that Bonita’s no longer just a great place to retire–it’s a great place to work and grow your business and career, too.

It’s the place I’ve chosen to live, as well as the place I’ve chosen to base and grow my business and my career. Maybe you have, too.

And yet, we have very few places where professionals can find specific and relevant Bonita Springs business stories. So let’s try to change that together.

Or, as I’ve said to anyone who’s asked, Bonita means beautiful, but it means business, too.

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Who’s our audience?

Until we launch, we won’t have specific data about our listeners. But here’s what we do know, and why I’m making a bet that you’ll benefit from being involved in our podcast.

According to US Census data and reported by the City of Bonita Springs, over 40% of Bonita Springs residents are between the ages of 20 and 60, and almost 74% of them work “white collar” jobs.

That doesn’t take into account the professionals living in Estero, Fort Myers, Cape Coral and other communities who commute to –and buy from– businesses based in Bonita Springs.

Plus, our average commuting time is 20 minutes, which is the target length of our podcast.

Finally, podcasting overall has exploded in recent years, with more busy professionals choosing podcasts as a flexible, fast way to learn more and connect to new ideas that can help them in their work and lives. The use of audio tools such as Amazon’s Alexa has pushed podcast use even higher.

Why Bonita Business Podcast? 2018 Podcast Statistics

And while Apple reports there are currently over 550,000 podcasts to choose from, NONE are based in our own backyard of Bonita Springs, Florida.

So let’s change that together.

Who should consider sponsoring the Bonita Business Podcast?

Our ideal sponsors are companies and professionals who want to increase their visibility and connection in the Bonita Springs business community.

In addition to the satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting a locally grown and focused initiative,  your sponsorship of our podcasts would include:

  • A 30-second appreciation of your company during the opening section of the podcast. This can include a call to action such as your website URL.
  • A 15-second appreciation of your company at the close of the podcast.
  • Promotional tools and support such as copy and graphics to share with your own community on social media and through email
  • Inclusion in our emails and social media promotion when the episode you sponsor is live.

Interested? Help us co-create this new resource for our community.

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