Four Leadership Strategies To Build More Trust (Psst: They’re Unexpected)

Leadership Strategies to Build More Trust _ Red Cape Revolution

What if I had a magic pill that would instantly make you a better leader? You know, the kind people talk about, fondly, for years –even long after they’ve left the organization? Well, that magic pill exists. It’s called TRUST. We all know when we don’t trust someone. But we don’t always know when someone […]Read the full post >>

Your 10-Day Get Focused Plan

10-Day Get Focused Plan Red Cape Revolution

Sometimes I long for simpler times when it was clear how to stay focused on what’s most important. Truth is, though, the only reason I probably could focus was that there were fewer things that screamed for my attention. As leaders, our to-do lists keep getting longer somehow, even though we’re doing, doing, doing, The […]Read the full post >>

Six Things to Think About As You Return to the Office in 2023

Six Things to Think about as You Return to the Office- Red Cape Revolution

Thousands of professionals all over the world are getting ready to do something that once seemed impossible: they’re about to return to the office in 2023. For those of you whose memories don’t go back very far, the office wasn’t just a sadly funny TV show, but a destination for people to head to when […]Read the full post >>

Why The Red Cape?

why the red cape | Red Cape Revolution

“Why the red cape?” asked a reader who’d just found my book, Red Cape Rescue: Save Your Career Without Leaving Your Job. Here’s why. Remember when you were a kid, and you grabbed a towel or a sheet and flung it around your shoulders? You felt confident. Courageous. In control—even if you only controlled the […]Read the full post >>

How to Fight the Great Resignation: What to Say So People Stay in 2023

How to Fight the Great Resignation Red Cape Revolution

Does the Great Resignation trend continues to hit your workplace in 2023? Good people are leaving—some with notice, others with none. If you’re a leader or manager, it can feel personal—no matter how much the pundits talk about the trends. As a leader or manager, can you fight the Great Resignation? Absolutely. And your people […]Read the full post >>

How to Fall Back in Love With Your Job ❤️❤️❤️

How to Fall Back In Love With Your Job Red Cape Revolution

Maybe you’ve contemplated leaving your job, but as the great Neil Sedaka sang, “breakin’ up is hard to do.” You wish you could fall back in love with your job and feel the way you used to feel: excited, happy, content. Chances are something’s still valuable to you right where you are. Maybe it’s the […]Read the full post >>

Leading Through Change? The Counterintuitive Power Move to Make Now

Leading through change_ Red Cape Revolution

If you’re leading through change, you’re probably getting more advice than you can absorb. “Embrace ambiguity.” “Onward & upward!” “Whatever you do, just keep moving.” ACK. I recently did a review of the top articles that appear when you google “leading through change,” and not only was much of the advice outdated, it was in […]Read the full post >>

“Should I Leave If I’m Still Not Clear What I Want?”Reader Q [VIDEO]

Should I Leave if I'm Not Clear Red Cape Revolution

During a live webinar for my Insider Community, a viewer asked, “Should I leave my job, even if I’m not clear on my long-term plan?” I’ve answered answers here, sharing guiding principles you can use to make your best career decisions. In the video, I reference both my latest book, “Red Cape Rescue: Save Your […]Read the full post >>