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Talking About Career Change: The 20 Questions Behind Your Questions

Stop struggling with your career questions-get answers from Red Cape Revolution

If you’re considering career change, here’s the question you may be starting with: “Should I stay in my current job? Or should I go look for something else?”

But while many people start with that question, a lot more questions typically lie beneath. And, with so many questions in their brains, people get overwhelmed, worried, and stuck. And then nothing ever changes.

So to make it simpler, here’s a list of the questions behind the big career change question. Get them out of  your brain, on paper, and start answering them. Which ones are you asking?

20 Questions Behind the Question

1. If I stay here, will anything change? How can I know?

2. If I stay here, am I giving up on advancing my career? Or will my loyalty be rewarded?

3. If I stay here, and nothing changes, will I seem too complacent? Lazy? Scared?

4. If I stay here, am I more prone to getting laid off when the next downturn comes?

5. If I stay here, can I be happy here again? Energized? Even just content?

6. Is anywhere else any different?

7. If I decide to go, will anyone want me?

8. Will I even have a clue how job search works today?

9. Are my talents and skills up to snuff?

10. Am I really worth anything outside my current company where I’ve got some history?

11. Do other people like me enough to network with me and help me?

12. Do I want to go through the stress of getting other people to like me?

13. In this economy, are there any jobs out there for me, really?

14. Will I have to take a step backwards?

15. Am I too [fill in your favorite self-criticism here] to start over?

16. Do I want to change my job, my company, or my entire career path?

17. Are there companies who want what I have, or do I need to start my own?

18. If I want to have my own business, where the heck do I start?

19. Can I still make enough money to take care of myself and my family?

. . . and the big one . . .

20. Is it too late for me to change?

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