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Time to Get Started: “Poke the Box”

Almost every day, I hear a client or a colleague say something like, “I’d like to make a change, but I’m not sure how to get started.” Yet until we start, we can’t know what we’re able to do . . . what we’re meant to do . . .what the world needs us to do. We can’t bring our superpowers to work until we start believing that we have them in the first place!

So it always thrills me when someone does an awesome job of inspiring you/me/us to just get started.  That’s what Seth Godin accomplishes in his latest book, “[amazon_link id=”1936719002″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Poke the Box”[/amazon_link].

Known as a prolific marketing blogger and best-selling author, Seth’s currently challenging and cajoling those of us in the corporate world, showing us how we don’t have to sit and be complacent, how we can “poke” the box of even the most conservative, risk-adverse, recession-weary company. It just takes getting started.

I keep hearing too many people avoid getting started now because they get talked out of what might happen later. The reality is that we don’t really know what will happen until we take the initiative and get starteduntil we ask our boss for different responsibilities, until we tell our team we aren’t checking our BlackBerry after 7 p.m., until we drop the ball and stop doing the things on our plate where we aren’t really adding any value.

If you want a fresh push to step forward and get started, try the easy-to-read, inexpensive “[amazon_link id=”1936719002″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Poke the Box”[/amazon_link].” If you’ve already read it, what ideas did you take away, and what are you starting? Share your thoughts here (click on the headline to share a comment) or tell us on Facebook!