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Need More Courage in Your Career? A Dozen Questions to Answer Now

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If you need more courage in your career, you’re not alone.

It’s more challenging than ever to be brave at work. No matter how wonderful our company is, we can often feel like we’re balancing on a tightrope if we try to push out of the corporate comfort zone.

As you dig deep for more courage in your career, here’s help. Answer these questions now and get closer to the courageous person you want to be today.

Need More Courage in Your Career? A Dozen Questions to Answer Now

1. Who am I at my very best?

Getting clear on who you are is at the heart of every brave decision you make. Know how you bring your superpowers to work, and stay true to those gifts.

2. What do I value?

Most conflicts in our work lives happen when our values clash with what we see valued around us. Write yours down so you can make decisions that match what you care about most.

3. What kind of situations at work make me feel courageous?

Maybe there’s a place you’re already brave–a meeting, within a particular team, or project. What do they all have in common? What’s the pattern?

4. What kinds of situations at work make me mad, upset, or even fearful?

Flip side–what’s the pattern when the feelings stink?

5. What’s the story I tell myself when I feel those negative emotions?

Emotion of any kind puts us in motion.  But we can choose how we think. Maybe there’s a new story that works better for you. Remember, you’ve got control.

6. What’s the truth?

Close your eyes. What’s real here? Trust yourself. Yes, you know.

7. What’s a small, specific step I could choose to take now to be more courageous at work?

We don’t learn by thinking. We learn by doing. Even a small, relatively safe step is forward progress.

8. What’s the worse that could happen if I took that step?

It takes courage to admit that the thing we’re attempting may fail. It takes courage to even let ourselves think about what will happen at that point. But when you get clear on it in advance, it takes away the surprise and sting should it happen in the future.

9. If the worst thing I can imagine actually happened, what action would I take next?

There’s a good chance your worse case scenario will never happen. But what if it did? Bet you already know what your contingency plan would be. Get clear on it now–it’ll feel like a safety net.

10. What’s the best that could happen?

Our brain naturally goes to the negative. And yet . . . so many better things can happen.

11. How do I imagine I’ll feel if the best happens?

When the perfect happens, how do you feel in your heart, mind, and body? Feel it now so you know what to look forward to. Connecting with those feelings can propel you forward faster.

12. Who can I ask to support me to help me make this happen?

You’re not alone. (one more resource here.)

Answered these questions? Then you’re as ready as you can be. Don’t wait any longer–it’s time to soar.

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