How to Build Ordinary Resilience: My Chat with Luis Velasquez (VIDEO)

If there’s anything we need now in our world of work, it’s more resilience. But often, we feel it’s the sole providence of the exceptional, the special, the superheroic. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Meet my friend Luis Velasquez, and watch our conversation about his new book, “Ordinary Resilience: Rethinking How Effective Leaders […]Read the full post >>

Managing Change at Work? Hit the Reset Button

When we’re managing change at work, it’s easy to get stuck. We can feel lost, confused, and believe we’ll never get to the other side—whatever that looks like. Since managing change won’t go away, we need to learn new skills about how to adapt and thrive. In this video, I share the ways we all […]Read the full post >>

Use LinkedIn to Connect at Your Target Company for Job Searching [STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO]

Job Searching-Use LinkedIn to Connect at Your Target Company

If you’re job searching, LinkedIn can’t be ignored. Or even if you just want to ramp up your networking in the new world of work, it’s time to dive deeper into how LinkedIn can help you. When combined with the human-focused, real-world networking tools we share here (more of those below), LinkedIn is the engine […]Read the full post >>

3 Strategies to Get Your Ideas Get Heard (When No One Seems to Notice) –VIDEO

Have you ever struggled to get your ideas heard? If you’re like the reader who submitted this question, you’re frustrated when you have great ideas and they don’t seem to get noticed or even heard. If that’s you, here are my three strategies you can use right now. (Note: this video was originally recorded live […]Read the full post >>

How do I decide to between my current job and a new one? [VIDEO]

How do I decide between my job and a new one? Watch this video for answers. Hey—want more help? No matter what’s happening in your life at work, a 30-minute chat with me can help you get unstuck and move forward, fast.  Just hit the button below, and pick a date and time that’s available. […]Read the full post >>