Stop Waiting for Permission to Grow. Create Your Professional Development Plan

create your professional developent plan Red Cape Revolution

“We’ve cut back on our professional development —nothing I can do about that.” “Our training budgets have been cut, so it’ll be hard for me to stay current.” “My manager has nothing left to teach me—how am I going to grow?” Heard those comments in your workplace lately? If so, you’re not alone. If you’re […]Read the full post >>

Help! I Feel Hidden Working Remotely! [4 Unique Ways to Be Seen]

I feel hidden working remotely-ways to be seen Red Cape Revolution

If you’re working remotely, you probably share my reader Angela’s concern: “Hey Darcy–I need your help. At the start of the pandemic, my job (and a kazillion others, I know) moved from being based in the HQ to being remote. I actually love it and want to keep working this way–it’s better for my family […]Read the full post >>

From Furloughed to Fantastic: A Job Seeker’s Case Study (Video Interview)

Furloughed to Fantastic Job Seeker Case Study with Coach Darcy Red Cape Revolution

Been furloughed from your job? Well, that stinks. I’m sorry you’ve had to go through that experience. Being furloughed is extra difficult, because unlike a clear layoff or dismissal, a furlough implies that your company will want you back when they can afford to have you. And while it’s a great feeling to know you’re […]Read the full post >>

Want to Find More Time? Know What’s at Stake for You (VIDEO LESSON)

Want to Find More Time _ Red Cape Revolution

One of the things I increasingly hear from my coaching clients and readers is that they’re struggling to find more time. And the world is certainly filled with hacks and tricks and planners and calendars. In fact, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. And yet . . . We all have the same amount of time. […]Read the full post >>

I Was a Workforce Prisoner: What I Did and What You Can Do, Too


You’ve probably met that person at work. They’ve been at your company a long time. And they’re not thrilled about it. But they don’t seem to be doing anything to change. I’ve known that person. And for a while in my career, I became that person. I was, as global consulting firm Aon Hewitt cites […]Read the full post >>

Networking at the Office: 3 Killer Mistakes You’re Making (Guest Post by David J.P. Fisher)

networking at the office, David JP Fisher for Red Cape Revolution

Networking. It’s a lousy name for something we should love dearly. In fact, I get cranky when people bristle at the suggestion to network more. Especially when they have a problem to solve, job to fill or get, or answer to uncover. That’s why I was excited to meet David J.P. Fisher, whose first book […]Read the full post >>