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Career Courage Challenge, Day 2: State What Makes Someone Else Great

Day 2, Career Courage Challenge from Red Cape Revolution

Welcome to Day 2 of our 30-Day Career Courage Challenge! Each day, I’ll be sharing a short challenge you can take to help build your courage and your career. Plus, I’ll be taking the challenges along with you—watch for my notes in the Comments, below,  as well as on Facebook and  LinkedIn, so chime in!


(For more on why we’re doing this Challenge, click here.) 

Career Courage Challenge, Day 2:

State What Makes Someone Else Great

YOUR CHALLENGE TODAY: Stop and look around. Who’s in your life at work right now who you admire or aspire to be more like? What makes them great? Is it their positive attitude? Their ability to handle conflict without getting twisted in knots? Or something else? Here’s your opportunity to do more than just notice.

Today’s Career Courage Challenge is to State What Makes Them Great. Brave modesty or embarrassment and speak up. It takes focus and kind attention to really recognize what is wonderful in others, rather than just nodding and looking the other way.  Bonus points if you actually TELL someone–including the person you think is great!


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Why a Career Courage Challenge?

Here at, we’ve focused on three main things that we all need to have to soar in our careers (things we’ve learned through our research and conversations with you):

  • Gaining Clarity: really seeing and understanding what’s unique and special about you; what your superpowers are and how you can bring them to work;
  • Building Confidence: feeling strong and sure about who you are, and what you’re doing now and in the future, and;
  • Taking Control: choosing to take action on the things you want and need in your work and life.

But in last year’s reader survey, I asked, “If you could take a superpill that would help you overcome your biggest challenge, what would that pill do?” here’s what you said:[blockquote]The pill would give me the words and courage to express to our executives how damaging these yo-yo initiatives are.

It would give me courage to ask for opportunities when I meet people.

Sometimes small setbacks throw me into doubt. The pill would make me believe in me first.[/blockquote]

So it sounds like there’s a new C emerging: courage. And I’m right there with you, because I’m seeking courage, too.

To play bigger. Serve you better. Impact more people like you. To make hard choices about who I want to be, where I want to be, how I want to spend more of my time and where I need to spend less.

That’s why I wanted to experiment with this free, 30-Day Career Courage Challenge. I’m going to push myself beyond my comfort zone, and I hope you’ll play along with me, too. I hope you’ll share your experiences in the Comments below, on Facebook or LinkedIn, or by email.

I can’t wait to grow my courage muscles with you.

7 responses to “Career Courage Challenge, Day 2: State What Makes Someone Else Great”

  1. Okay, here’s mine. I work with an amazing executive assistant, Ashley Bambarger. What makes her great is that she handles my complicated schedule (and last-minute changes) with grace and ease. I know I’m not always as organized or as clear as I’d like to be, and Ashley always digs just a little deeper to make sure we’re in sync and that whatever we’re doing is the best use of our time and energy. I appreciate her contributions to my work and my life! She’s great!

    What makes someone in your life at work great? Your turn!

  2. I work with the amazing Dr. Kathleen Phillips. We are yin and yang to each other — I’m great at coming up with ideas or different perspectives on things, and she is fantastic at the ticky-tacky details of implementation and evaluation. My professional life would be MUCH more difficult without her, and I’m going to chain her to her chair, and never let her retire!

  3. Wow! There are so many people who I think are great! There’s Cecelia Johnson who has been in my corner from day one and is always there to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on if need be. Then there’s Ericka Gwyn who is just an organizational Dynamo and is currently keeping me from pulling out all my hair. There’s also Ouida Burke one of our front office secretaries who provides customer service that is second to none!

    • Thanks for sharing these great people, Chantrise! I hope Cecelia, Ericka, and Ouida always know how special they are to you! Thanks for taking our challenge!


  4. My friend is a consummate networker and is capable to making time to strategically work the backside of the work effort to gain the support for an effort that is not going to be popular. It is my kryptonite and I am trying to learn this skill, which is why I admire my friend so much for his ability to do this; it is his strength. It just so happens that I recently told him that, too.