The Three Surprising Ways Becoming a Mentor Helps Your Own Career


If you want to grow your leadership skills, someone will likely give you this piece of career advice: “You need a mentor.” Sure, mentors are great. Their support, counsel, and example can be a foundation for how we change and learn. But that advice is only half-right. Because while having a mentor is great, becoming […]Read the full post >>

3 Things You Need for Your Next Breakthrough [by Dana Eikenberg, Guest Post]

3 things you need for your next breakthrough | Dana Eikenberg guest post

Before you read further please note, this is not Red Cape Revolution founder Darcy Eikenberg. This is Dana Eikenberg, her sister. Darcy invited me to guest blog this week and share some of my recent learnings with all of you. Please don’t unsubscribe from’s feed or emails—she’ll return with all her professional intelligence and […]Read the full post >>