The 3 Scary Career Moves You’re Making (And What to Do Instead)

What's your scary thought at work?

Are you thinking scary thoughts about your work? No, I don’t mean scary like “how will my organization handle Brexit?” I mean scary like, “this thought is so normal and comfortable so of course it continues to be true.” Believe me—that’s scary. I held these kinds of thoughts for many years, and they served me […]Read the full post >>

What Are You Afraid Of? Three Fears Blocking Your Next Career Decision

is fear blocking your next career decision?

I’ve heard it said that all of our negative behaviors can be traced back to one thing: FEAR. I can relate. After my boss announced her retirement, I started stressing out bigtime about my next career move. Her departure forced me to suddenly—and painfully—wake up and admit that the path I was on wasn’t where […]Read the full post >>