How to Be More Strategic: Three Ways [VIDEO]

A client of mine just overheard this conversation between her boss and her boss’s boss:

“She does good work, but she needs to know how to be more strategic.”

 Ouch! Damn with faint praise, as Alexander Pope once said (no known relation to Olivia, Scandal fans, although ole Alex created a few scandals of his own).

Sure, it’s nice to hear you’re doing good work, but what my client knows—and what you need to know—is that good work isn’t cutting it anymore to make you stand out, be recognized, and get the opportunities to do what you love to do best.

The difference between solid, operational, get-it-done work and awesome, game-changing, move-us-forward work is all about being strategic.

But what the heck do we mean when we say “strategic?” Ask five people and you’ll get five different definitions. And the most common response is “Well, I know it when I see it.”

Which isn’t helpful if it’s YOU who’s trying to be more strategic in your work.

If you’re trying to be more strategic in your work, here are three ways I’ve found to help. This is a clip from a half-day workshop I taught targeted to communication and marketing professionals, but the strategies apply across most all industries and professions. (3 min, 56 sec).

How to Be More Strategic: Three Ways

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