Could Marissa Mayer Be (Gulp!) Right? The Argument of Creativity vs. Productivity

More creativity, says Yahoo

If you had to pick one, what’s more important to your career and company success right now–-productivity or creativity? What if you’re the sixth CEO (in five years) of a troubled high tech firm in an era when your competitors’ new innovations are driving profit, reputation, and opportunity, almost overnight? Then you might have done […]Read the full post >>

Talking About Career Change: The 20 Questions Behind Your Questions

Stop struggling with your career questions-get answers from Red Cape Revolution

If you’re considering career change, here’s the question you may be starting with: “Should I stay in my current job? Or should I go look for something else?” But while many people start with that question, a lot more questions typically lie beneath. And, with so many questions in their brains, people get overwhelmed, worried, […]Read the full post >>