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The Five Secrets to WorkLuck (Part 2)

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3. Trust Your Excitement

I registered for a three-day conference only because author Dan Pink (DriveA Whole New Mind) was speaking. I’m a huge fan, and I believe in the advice “when the legends come to town, go!” (Of course, I used this excuse to go see U2 and Bon Jovi last year, too.)

As the conference came closer, I realized I’d committed (and paid for) three full days of events just because I wanted that one hour of Pink-ness. I debated cancelling (“he’ll come to town again, I’m sure.”) I debated only attending the day he spoke (“Yes, I’ve paid for it all, but hey, I’m busy.”) But then I listened to my excitement–and the luck followed.

I was excited about seeing Dan live, and trusting that excitement created several other lucky outcomes–great inspiration from management guru Gary Hamel (Leading the Revolution) who sparked new ideas for my own revolution-generating business, a chance to catch up with buddies Mark and Glen, and even a random encounter leading to a new client! All in all, workluck abounded.

4. Bring Your Superpowers to Work

How can you expect workluck to strike if you’re not bringing your amazing self to the table each day? You have a unique set of talents, skills, resources, energies and knowledge that your work–and your world–need right now!

Knowing and using your superpowers gives you clarity, confidence, and control over your day–and that makes you lucky. Using them also makes everything more fun, too–and who doesn’t need more fun? (Not sure what the heck your superpowers are, and how to find them? Start here, and join our community here for other free tools and resources to discover your own superpowers today!)

5. Live in Your Own Clover
I often ask my clients struggling with a workplace situation to tell me what they’d do if they had a magic wand. (Try it–it’s fun!) Amazingly, many of the “magic wand moments” people share are not terribly radical or scandalous–they’re actually things that could truly be asked, done, achieved.

We all seem to be looking for that magic four-leaf clover, the one that will instantly change our experiences. But what if it’s already sitting in your office right now? Our grandparents used the term “to live in clover” meaning to be carefree, at ease, comfortable, prosperous.

What would it take to be living in your own clover, exactly where you are? Maybe that’s why I’m feeling so lucky–I get to roll around in my work here and I get to connect with you!

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