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[Should I Stay or Go?] Lesson 2: Getting Rid of Our Lies About Time

Today on the blog, I’m excited to share a free, sample lesson from our upcoming ecourse, “Should I Stay or Go? How to Make the Best Career Decision for You.”

This lesson is from Module 3: Getting Rid of What’s Getting in the Way.

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We begin Monday, Feb. 29, and you get a new module (with several short lessons) each week for six weeks. Plus, everyone enrolled will have access to all the videos, audios, and downloadable tools for a full six months after that.

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Module 3: Getting Rid of What’s Getting in the Way

Today’s Lesson: Getting Rid of Our Lies About Time

(9 min, 24 sec)




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Here’s Why I’m Teaching this Course

Hello from Darcy Eikenberg Hi all! Coach Darcy here. In my private one-on-one coaching, I often work with people to help them get unstuck and make the big decisions they need to make in their career and life at work. I’ve also taught this material in-person in classroom settings.

But not everyone can afford the time or investment in private coaching or classroom work. Yet many talented, successful professionals remain stuck in deciding what’s next for their career.

I can’t stand sitting by and letting people stay stuck. So my team and I decided to share these tools, processes and ideas in an additional way.

In “Should I Stay or Go?” I teach you online through video, audio, and downloadable tools. Here’s how it works:It's time to start | Red Cape Revolution

  • Starting Monday, Feb. 29, we’ll send you one learning module a week for six weeks, plus a bonus module and other surprises along the way.
    • Each module contains lessons that are fast, fun, and effective.

But you’re not out there on your own. I’m following your progress live along the way.

  • I’m answering your questions via email and adding content based on what you tell me you need.
    • That’s why enrollment is limited to just 30 people–I need to be sure I have time to connect with every single student. (I’m honored to have several thousands of people who follow my work, and so if you’d like to be part our course, do sign up now.)
  • In addition, each week, you’ll be invited to my office hours. It’s an opportunity to call-in confidentially and get immediate answers to your questions on the phone.

Worried that you don’t have time? We know how that is. While I hope you jump in immediately, I live in the real world, too, and know you can’t always make time each week to do this work.

  • So  you’ll have access to ALL the course tools for a full six months.

Want in? I’d love to have you.

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Questions? Email me here or call our office today at 404.857.2738.