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What I Do

Today’s business leaders have more problems to solve than ever. And because there’s so much, it can be overwhelming, exhausting, and defeating. (I hate that.)

So I teach strategies leaders can use every day to make better decisions with less stress, in less time. After using these strategies, they feel—and become–more successful in their work (and actually, in their life outside of work, too.)

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Who I Help

I work with leaders & high-performing professionals who are:

  • Wrestling through major change, whether positive (such as business growth), or negative (such customer loss or personal stress).
  • Newly promoted or hired & needing to get productive fast.
  • Experienced in their technical subject but needing to grow their business acumen, communication & people skills.
  • In a team that must work better together to achieve a business result or goal.
  • Weighing their next career decision (whether inside or outside their existing organization) and asking “what’s next for me.”
  • Knowing they need to retain and engage the best employees in order to sustain business success.

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Where I Speak

  • Leader, employee or team development events.
  • Customer & client appreciation events.
  • Department or affinity group professional development meetings.
  • Within technical or company-specific training as an energy booster.
  • Professional & trade association meetings, workshops & conferences.
  • On webinars & teleseminars for companies and professional groups.

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More about me in Bonita Springsyour bonita springs career coach--Darcy Eikenberg

I’m honored to be part of these great organizations–all while running my coaching business full-time. If you’re new to the area, or would like to expand your professional network, ask me about ways to get involved, meet people, and create great work and a great life in Bonita Springs! I’m passionate about our area, and would be happy to connect you with others.

My community work includes:

My volunteer work as well as my professional work helps me connect you to other great people and organizations where your gifts are needed. Let’s talk now about how I can be your Bonita Springs business coach.

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