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It Ain’t Just Luck: The Key to Success at Work

It's not just luck. Find the key to success at work on

Wear all the green you want—it looks good on you. And rub your rabbit’s foot keychain until it’s bald to the bone–the bunny no longer cares.

But it ain’t just luck when you experience success at work. It’s not a sign from the gods, serendipity, good fortune, or a fortuitous happening.

You find success at work when you take hold of just one thing–one thing you often resist.


Yes, you can take control.

Yes, you, no matter what your role, your experience, your age. No matter what your company, profession, or the economy.

Because here’s what you control, everyday, everywhere. They’re the keys to creating success at work.

  1. Everything you say.

  2. Everything you do.

  3. Everything you think.

You can say “I don’t know” and suddenly open the doors to learning. . .

You can show up ahead of time for the meeting, keep your nose out of your Blackberry and have a few minutes to connect with the colleague you’d like to have as a mentor . . .

You can review your successes in your head at the end of the day instead of cussing yourself out for everything that didn’t get done. . .

Everything is a choice. Don’t avoid choosing just because you aren’t sure of the consequences. Creating a better life at work won’t happen by luck. It’ll happen by you.

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