Need to decide whether to stay or leave your job?

You’re not alone.Should I leave my job? Get help with career decisions at Red Cape Revolution

According to talent recruitment company Indeed, over 50% of successful professionals will entertain changing jobs this year.

And only a third of all employees are engaged in their work, says research firm Gallup. That means the other two-thirds aren’t enthusiastic and committed to their workplace.

And those are only the ones who are telling the truth.

What’s YOUR truth?

The real truth is that the time when we had to suck it up and stay put to stay safe is past. “Keep your head should you stay or leave your job? Red Cape Revolution can helpdown and don’t make waves”–well, that’s not a prescription for career success anymore.

The other truth is that we have more control than we think to change our life at work, even right inside our own companies. Maybe you don’t have to leave to get more of what you want.

Our coaching on this topic includes a comprehensive, structured process to look at both options–leaving AND staying.

That way, you create the solution that’s right for you, whether it’s on the other side of the globe or right under your nose.

Let’s Get Started

The best way to start is to request a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. We’ll talk about your current challenge and you’ll get a taste of what working with Coach Darcy will be like. Just click the button, answer a few questions, and our team will followup with you shortly.

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