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How Do You Build Confidence at Work When You Don’t Have the Answers? Here’s What to Say

How do you build confidence at work Red Cape Revolution

“I need to build confidence at work with my team and leaders right now. But everything’s so uncertain in our company—heck, in the WORLD!  How can I build confidence when I don’t have all the answers? And how can I feel confident in myself when I’m feeling kinda lost?”

My coaching client asked me this at the end of another hard day in her company.

They’d done a heroic job of moving all their operations out of the physical offices and into employees’ hands all over the world.

But the change kept coming . . . and coming.

Confidence lagged: in her team, in her leadership, and in herself.

When confidence lags, focus lags.

When focus lags, productivity lags.

Then, when productivity lags, problems don’t get solved, and we find ourselves in bigger problems when we started.

Here’s the truth: nobody’s born with enough confidence.

We’re all naturally hungry for more.

Why? Our human brain craves certainty.

It’s a protection tool; a way to keep us safe so that we continue the species.

So when things don’t seem certain, our brains start flashing the warning signs. Unless we know how to interpret and act on the signs, we end up frozen or stuck. And that’s not good for anyone.

Confidence helps us trust ourselves to interpret the warning signs, and feed the brain with more certainty.

For my client, it all came back to finding ways to build confidence at work, even when she wasn’t confident herself.

Too often, we get this idea of confidence backwards.

We think that when we feel confident, we’ll take the action.

But the way it really works is that action comes before confidence. We’ve got to DO something first.

In my work with leaders and high performing professionals, I often find that the thing we have to DO is to have a conversation.

So, to help with those conversations when you don’t have the answers, use these scripts from our recently updated guide, “What to Say to Build Confidence: Scripts for What to Say, When.” (get it free, here).

What to Say to Build Confidence at Work

Not every script is right for every situation. And of course, you need to make the words fit comfortably into your style—and your mouth.

But by using these scripts, you’ll have better, more confident ideas about how you can respond, even when you don’t know the answers.

What to Say to Build Confidence When You Don’t Know the Answers

I’ll be honest with you. I’m unsure of how to respond here. I’d like to think on it a little. Can we talk about it tomorrow morning?

I don’t have the answer. What do you think is the next step to work the answer out together?

I don’t feel like I know the [situation/company/problem] well enough to offer a point-of-view yet. Tell me more about . . .[then ask for more details . . . and listen].

we can build confidence at work -roger that

What a good question! I don’t have as equally good of an answer, but I’d like to. Let me put some thought into it and let’s talk again later. When’s a good time for you?

What a good question! I don’t have as equally good of an answer, but I’d like to. What were you expecting to hear from me?

Hmmm . . you’ve stumped me. Let’s talk a minute about how we might figure this out together.

work together to build confidence at work

Good question. Let’s review what we know and what we don’t. That’ll help us clear up things at least a little bit.

I wish I had a great answer here, but right now, I don’t. Let me make sure I understand the question–could you ask it again in a different way?

Of course, these scripts aren’t the perfect solution for everyone, all the time.

But you have more answers than you think you do.

build confidence at work is always thegood answer

And you can always listen, learn, and care even more.

Knowing you have those choices can help you take control and build confidence at work, and anywhere in your life.

Don’t give up–we need your confidence, and you, in the new world of work.

Here at Red Cape Revolution, we believe that confidence can be created, by anyone, every single day.

That’s why we all need strong tools and positive mental beliefs to create the confidence we need, especially at work.

It’s at the core of what we coach and teach, and why we have great tools & resources, many of them absolutely free, like my guide, What to Say to Build Confidence at Work.

Click on the image to get yours now, and start saying the right things to build confidence at work every single day.

What to Say to Build Confidence at Work

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