your bonita springs career coachHi! I’m Darcy Eikenberg. I’m a credentialed executive & leadership career coach, and I’m proud to call Bonita Springs my home.

While my work as a coach and speaker takes me all over the world, it’s a special gift when I get to work with a professional like you who’s living in Southwest Florida or contemplating a move here.

Because life here is more than just beaches and restaurants, great as they are.

There’s great work here–both being done and available for the doing.

So if you want to expand your career in Southwest Florida, I can help.

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I’m passionate about what’s happening in the world of work in Bonita Springs and all across Southwest Florida. Opportunities for experienced professionals are everywhere, but unlike bigger cities, they’re not always obvious.

I guide my clients through three important phases of any career questions:

  • Create clarity: deep discovery about who they are and what they want–not what they think they should want
  • Build confidence: finding the right mindset and words to get rid of the roadblocks and fuel what’s next, and
  • Take control: having a step-by-step plan to connect with people who can support, influence, and get you to where you want to go next, whether that’s in your current organization or somewhere else.

I’d be honored to be your Bonita Springs career coach.

You’re one call away from creating more peace of mind in your career.  You can schedule a completely confidential coaching consultation (free) here:

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More about me in Bonita Springsyour bonita springs career coach--Darcy Eikenberg

It’s easier than you think to get involved here. I’ve lived here just three years, and have already had the opportunity to be part of these great organizations–all while running my coaching business full-time. All have been great ways to get involved, meet people, and create great work and a great life in Bonita Springs!

My volunteer work as well as my professional work helps me connect you to other great people and organizations where your gifts are needed. Let’s talk now about how I can be your Bonita Springs career coach.

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