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3 April Fools Tricks for Work (& They Might Surprise You)

Want some great April Fools tricks for work? Forget about the fake memo about the company takeover or second-grade pranks.

Instead, put your red cape on and watch everyone be amazed with these tricks.

3 April Fool’s Day Tricks for Work

1. Smile the entire day.

Shake up your Zoom meetings by making sure there’s a grin on your face all day. Walking outside? Smile at strangers, astepping out of the smartphone scowl (you know the one).

They’ll wonder what you’re up to–and a little mystery is a good thing!

2. Pay a compliment to someone difficult.

The last thing anyone expects to hear–especially someone who annoys and distracts you– is something nice.

Surprise the heck out of them by finding something positive to say, like:

  • You know, I appreciate that you’re always challenging me to think differently about the situation.
  • While we don’t always agree, I respect the fact that you hold your point of view so passionately.
  • Nice shoes!

You get the point.

Extra prank points awarded if you do this in front of others.

3.  Express a real emotion.

Wouldn’t it surprise your colleagues to hear something like:

  • I’m frustrated here and don’t know what to do.
  • This is so confusing–I am over my head and need your help.
  • I’m so excited by this that I want to scream. AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

Trick your teammates into the crazy idea that it’s actually okay to express their feelings at work!

After all, it’s emotion that puts us into motion (see my video here)--and moving forward usually feels pretty good.

Are you fooling yourself at work?

Maybe you “look good on paper,” but don’t feel as successful anymore. Or maybe you’re asking yourself “what’s next for me?” –but not doing anything to answer that question.

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