How to Create a Winning Team: The Chicago Cubs’ Secret You May Have Missed

At the time of this writing, the Chicago Cubs are headed to the National League Playoffs. (Sorry Cards fans, but this former Chicagoan sings “Go Cubs, Go.”) Fascinated as we are with underdogs and lovable losers, there’s been endless analysis of why the Cubs are now post-season players. Young sluggers Jorge Soler, Kris Bryant, and […]Read the full post >>

How to Say NO at Work: Thirteen Scripts & Strategies (Plus Free Download)

If saying no makes you nervous (Red Cape Revolution can help)

Click here to download your free guide, “How to Say No at Work” You’ve heard the success advice before: “Raise your hand for every opportunity.” “Volunteer for more projects.” “Say yes to everything.” And that’s all great, with one exception. It’s stupid. (Okay, “stupid” is a bit harsh, especially for a nice person like me.  […]Read the full post >>