There’s one thing I know for sure.

We all have superpowers–talents, abilities, knowledge, secrets and insights that when used in our work and life, make us feel like we’re wearing our red cape. They help us soar through our career and our life.

And after a decade of teaching and coaching here at, I also know this:

Somebody out there always needs the superpowers you have.

So as the new year got underway, that idea got me thinking. . .

What if the superpowers that make YOU soar are what someone else needs?

What if what you need is exactly what makes someone else soar?

That’s at the heart of this Give Help, Get Help Experiment.

It’s completely free to join. Scroll down, hit OK after you answer each question, and hit Submit when you’re done. Your info will be 100% confidential until we find a match for either the help you have to give or the help you’d like to have.

(Have q’s or trouble getting started? Email me at

Let’s get started!

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