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Your Best Career Advice, Shared

your best career advice, shared (Red Cape Revolution)

Earlier this year, we asked our awesome, talented, and amazing readers of our email newsletter to answer a short survey about their career, success, and more.

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So here’s what we heard.

Our readers—let’s just say YOU—have had a lot of experience figuring out how to create success in your career. You’re typically a high performing, successful professional with a lot of experience in your line of work. Most of you currently work in large, complex corporate environments, too.

And you have a lot of great wisdom. Acres. Bucketloads.

So we picked a dozen of the best to share with everyone here. Because your best career advice is too good to keep to ourselves.

We asked the question:

What’s the best career advice you’d give to someone who wants to feel more successful?

Here are 12 things you said:

1. Take advantage of what is out there: mentoring, educational reimbursement programs, opportunities for membership in local, social, and charitable organizations.

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2. Define success for yourself. Don’t let others define it for you.

3. Figure out what you do well and focus on it. Find a champion to help share this information with others and to help you explore how to leverage your strengths.

4. Take pride in and enjoy the small accomplishments and accolades you receive. Then, when you don’t feel successful, you can look back on what you HAVE accomplished and realize that you ARE successful.

5. Give yourself credit . . . so often we minimize the value we’ve created, but if we expect to be viewed as successful, it starts within.

6. Ensure you know who you really work for and make sure they know who you are.

7. Don’t be afraid to do what is best for you and your family.

8. Keep track of the good things, of the praise, and don’t dwell on the negatives. A lot of how we feel is based on the situations/scenarios we’ve created in our heads.let your light shine at work

9. Believe in yourself, keep an open mind, and don’t be afraid to let your light shine.

10. Learn to say no.

11. Work hard, be empathetic toward others, and see the glass as half full.

12. Believe in yourself. A sense of humor can help you navigate a lot of challenges.

YOUR TURN: What’s YOUR best career advice for someone who wants to feel more successful at work? Share in the Comments below, or tell me on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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7 responses to “Your Best Career Advice, Shared”

  1. I have been self employed for 30 years. Some of that time I had employees but most of it I have worked alone. My advice is to keep learning. Advance your skills or learn complimentary skills every chance you get. This keeps you freshly challenged and growing.

  2. Love number 12. Keep a sense of humor above all. And don’t let the turkeys get you down (credit to Sandra Boynton).

    • Hi Renee, and yes, that’s probably my favorite, too! That and not being afraid to let your light shine (#9). Good reminder about the turkeys–they can’t fly anyway!! Thanks for reading and sharing!


  3. Help others on your team succeed and do their best. You will not only feel good about yourself but you will look really good to others around you.

  4. Knowing what you are best at helps define overall ‘value proposition’ or personal brand. It is also very often those small adjustments that can have the biggest impact on a career.