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Try It Out: The (New & Improved) Superpower Statement Generator!

Here's a good idea--try our Superpower Statement Generator!

I’ve been doing quite a few interviews in advance of the release of my book, “Bring Your Superpowers to Work: Your Guide to More Clarity, Confidence & Control” (coming January 24!), there’s one question that’s asked all the time:

So, how do I discover my superpowers?

This is, of course, a great question and at the heart of much of my speaking and coaching work. (Fear not; the book includes six steps to discovering your superpowers as well as six secrets about how to bring them to your work, no matter what you do, no matter where you do it.)

In fact, I’m shocked at how many amazing, talented professionals really have no clue about what makes them amazing, special, unique, fantastic, and important contributors to their work and their world. Seems we’ve been talked out of talking ourselves up (but that’s a post for another time.)

It’s time for that to change. Now.

(Re) Introducing a Tool for You–and It’s Free!

Want to take the next step forward in discovering your superpowers? Want to do it for FREE?? Try the new and improved Red Cape Revolution Superpower Statement Generator! Try out this with new career and success tool from

New & improved? Yes, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may have seen this tool in its early editions–first paper, and then across multiple web screens. We’ve heard you, and we’ve made it simpler and easier, just the way you like it!

For those of you who’ve never tried it, the Superpower Statement Generator is a self-paced online process that walks you through steps to inventory many different aspects about you–-some you know well and some you may have not thought of lately. (Nerdy little note: the word “inventory” has the same root as the word “invention,” so we have to first know what we have in order to invent what we need. Cool, huh?)

While this is a do-it-yourself tool, we’ve made sure you’re alone. Each step also includes audio snippets from me, where I explain more and push you further! Listen to my comments before you complete each section.

I’d love you to try the Generator and share it with your friends and colleagues. It’s a great way to get more clarity about what’s super and powerful about you. (Just use those little symbols at the bottom of the post for easier sharing so others can discover their superpowers, too.)

Tried it? Tell us what you think, including what worked for you and what didn’t! Email us here or share on Facebook today!

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