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“Is September Too Late for Change?” [VIDEO]

Is September too late for change?

We’re in mid-September already, and the year picking up steam toward its inevitable close on December 31. I don’t know about you, but in the business world, I see people scrambling to accelerate projects they committed to get done this year—and freaking out that there’s not enough time.

One-on-one, I also hear people having this same panic in their career and work goals–wondering if they need to abandon their needs to make room for the fall crunch. Here’s a question one of my readers sent which captures this sentiment (and of course, I offer some answers if you’re someone who’s thinking the same way.)

A reader asked: “I wanted to improve my career this year. But September’s here–is September too late to make any changes?”

YOUR TURN: What do you think? What can you to support your career and workplace goals now that September’s here, without just simply working harder? Tell us by replying below, or on Facebook or Twitter.