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Thinking About Work? Me Too. (Oh, and Happy Labor Day)

It’s the end of the last big summer holiday in the US–Labor Day. The unofficial end of summer; the Monday that feels like Sunday. It’s a time to play, enjoy, and relax.

And you’re thinking about work. But are you thinking:

“Wow, I am so happy to be doing what I’m doing–how great that I get to put my amazing gifts to work each day! Can’t wait to get started again tomorrow. . . “

Or are you thinking:

“Wow, last vacation day for a while. Suck it up, [your name here]–gotta get revved back up to go back to the grind. Ugh. Something’s gotta change soon.”

Labor Day’s a good time to think about the labor we really want to engage in. What’s the day-to-day work experience we really want? Who are the kind of people we love to work with, or be around? What’s the contribution we’re meant to bring to our companies, communities, and the world?

If your thoughts are in the second category but you’d like to be in the first, I have a Labor Day wish for you. My wish is that within the next year, you gain the clarity, confidence, and control you need to make the switch.  My wish is for you to discover your superpowers, bring them to work, and make even a bigger difference in your corner of the world.

We’re here to help. Happy Labor Day!