Jean Rode, Talent Management & Development, Cox Communications

I would highly recommend Darcy Eikenberg as a speaker for your corporate or professional event. She served as a keynote speaker for one of our corporate Leadership Development programs, and presented an engaging thought-provoking view on leadership. Combining humor with personal stories, she captured the challenges and possibilities of the leadership role, inspiring all to […]Read the full post >>

Jennifer Weatherly, VP, Write On Target HR

We left the session refreshed and ready to put into place career-furthering techniques. We didn’t realize how we’d been standing in the way of our own successes. 
I would highly recommend adding Darcy Eikenberg to your list of programs or workshops. Her insight and guidance are worth it. She’s also a genuinely pleasing person!

Liz Rowell, Evanston, IL

Darcy taught me the meaning of the word “mentor.” From day one of our relationship, Darcy listened carefully and compassionately, asking gentle but tough questions. She let me take big risks, and when I needed to huddle, she gave me the support I needed.