Red Cape Revolution with Coach Darcy Eikenberg

It's your last chance to join me & End the Year Strong! 

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We missed you at my live get-it-done workshop: End the Year Strong: Wrap Up 2019 & Start 2020 with Confidence.  

Maybe the date wasn't a good one for you. Or maybe you weren't sure if you'd done anything in 2019 that was worth wrapping up.  

But since you're a member of my special Insider Community at Red Cape Revolution, you get a second chance to get the workshop replay! In it, I lead you step-by-step through uncovering the great things you did this year--stories you can use for your annual review, pay conversations, or when you're seeking new opportunities.  

Plus, you'll get the 13-page workbook that walks you through my unique end-of-year process. Using the workbook and the replay is almost like creating your own private workshop with me!  

Still not sure? Here's what people attending the workshop live said:  

"It’s worth it. I didn’t realize how much I accomplished. Just having this info down - wow - I hadn’t realized how much it was hanging over my head. I feel lighter!"  

"Darcy's process is actionable, encouraging & uplifting."  

You deserve to end the year strong and start 2020 with confidence. You're worth it. 

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