Should I Stay or Go?
How to Make the Best Career Decision for YOU

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Welcome to Module 3! This one’s slightly different, because in all my experience, it’s incredibly important. In this module, we’ll focus on the things that are getting in your way. We’ll look at the lies we tell ourselves (and oh, baby, do we tell ourselves lies!) and we’ll look at the truth of our situations about time, money, and ourselves.

I’m excited to hear what you’ll discover in this module. Remember, at any time, if you have questions, just email me.  Dive in! –Darcy

Module 3: Getting Rid of What’s Getting in the Way

Books & Resources

Here are resources mentioned in the lessons in this module. (Note: Book links are Amazon affiliate links, which means if you decide to purchase through the link, we get a few pennies in return. They should be available in your public library, too.)


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