Thanks for attending my webinar, “Are You a Commodity? 3 Ways Professional Communicators Can Avoid the Trap.”

Coach Darcy Eikenberg (proud Northwestern grad)Hi! Coach Darcy here! I’m so glad you decided to invest in yourself by participating in the webinar, and thanks to IABC Heritage Region for hosting us.  Good for you to take time and invest in YOU!

you're awesome

Hopefully, you walked away with one or two actions you can put into motion right now.

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If you want to watch it again, here’s the webinar replay:

Now, as my thanks to you: your bonus resources

In the webinar, I shared three things you can do to avoid the trap of becoming a commodity:

  1. Get clear on your superpowers
  2. Master the art of bragging
  3. Stop doing the busy work

To help you go deeper into each of these areas, I’ve curated additional tools related to each of these strategies, selected from my library of 500+ articles and downloadable tools.

Dig into one or all, but please dig in and make sure YOU are not becoming a commodity in your company.

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1. Get Clear on Your Superpowers

Discover Your Superpowers at Work: Your Superpower Sprint (Free Video Training)

How to Get Clear on What You Want (Career Advice Mini-Training Video)

Get a free chapter of my book, Bring Your Superpowers to Work: Your Guide to More Clarity, Confidence & Control here:

Bring Your Superpowers to Work℠

Need to get clear on what you really want? Check out Create Career Clarity  (our on-demand video course) here.


2. Master the art of bragging

How to Brag (Yes, Brag!)

Mastering the Art of Bragging: You Asked; I Answered


3. Stop doing the busy work.

How to Say NO at Work: Thirteen Scripts & Strategies (Plus Free Download)

How to Make Work Easier: 7 Experiments to Save Time, Money & Stress

Strategies to Find More Time at Work (Without Working More) [VIDEO]

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