Welcome to the Speaker Host Guide and thank you for your interest in having Darcy speak to your group — we’re excited to work with you! We will work closely with you, our ‘Speaker Host’, to ensure an organized planning process that will lead a successful event and a great experience for you and your attendees.

The Speaker Host Guide is a checklist and step-by-step guide on what to expect, and when, during the planning process, during your event, and at the conclusion of your event. A member of our team will be in touch with you at each step in the process.

Below you will find a preview of a step-by-step guide that shows the 4 key time frames that we will be in touch to exchange information.

To access a detailed version of this guide that can be used as your step-by-step checklist and fillable form, open and save the following form to your computer, and it is ready for you to edit as needed!: Speaker Host Guide-Fill.In.Responses.


STEP 1: When we say “Yes” to the event, we’ll request basic information to develop the agreement.

TIMING: At Initial Agreement

  • Name of event, Type of Event, Location, etc.
  • Organizer Contact information
  • Organizer’s backup contact on day of event:
  • Travel expense plan
  • Invoicing
  • Book Pre-order

STEP 2: Next, we’ll gather more specific details around speaker travel, and pre-event marketing logistics. 

TIMING: Upon signed Speaker Agreement

  • Travel planning and expense process
  • Marketing Material


STEP 3: As the speaking event date approaches, we’ll request details about logistics that need to be planned in the day(s) of and leading up to the event.

TIMING: Approximately 5 weeks ahead of conference date

  • Meeting location (parking, security to the building, etc.)
  • Speaker arrival time
  • On-site contacts
  • Meeting Agenda
  • Darcy’s Presentation
  • Audio-Visual
  • Speaker Introduction

STEP 4: The week of the event has arrived! We will be in touch to finalize all logistics for the day of the event.

TIMING: Approximately 1 week ahead of conference date

  • Test presentation
  • Final presentation provided to host
  • Request final RSVP number
  • Speaker fee due