Do you love connecting with and getting to know people in our Southwest Florida community? 

Are you an upbeat, super organized person with great communication skills, both in email and on the phone, and would like a fun, interesting way to supplement your income each month?

We’re hiring an assistant for the Bonita Business Podcast

We’re hiring a local assistant to help us with guest communication and local promotion for Bonita Springs, Florida’s Bonita Business Podcast. It’s a new part-time, contract-based role requiring a combination of great day-to-day business communication skills and a sense for marketing and promotion. (The right person will also get to help shape the role to use more of their superpowers.)

Since we’re a local business podcast, our preference is for someone living and/or working in the greater Bonita Springs area. All work will be done from wherever you are; however, if it makes sense, you may meet in person with Coach Darcy or a guest on occasion. Students and working professionals with another gig are welcome as long as they can do a portion of their work during traditional business hours.listen to the Bonita Business Podcast on apple podcasts

Right now, we estimate it’ll take 20 hours a month, with about a third of that time spent during traditional business hours (M-F, 9-5). Pay will vary based on what you can bring to the process, but starts at $12/hour.

Core Responsibilities

  • Work with podcast host Coach Darcy Eikenberg to research potential guests for the upcoming podcast season
  • Reach out to potential guests via email and/or phone to invite them to be interviewed
  • Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up until you’ve heard a yes or no
  • When the answer is yes, work with Darcy’s executive assistant to get the in-person interview scheduled
  • Work with Darcy to create a set of interview questions; send those to the guest in advance
  • Gather core bio data, links and photos from the guest for the show notes page
  • When the episode date is set, email the guest to let them know
  • When the episode is released, email the guest with the links and “what to do now” info
  • A week after the episode is released, followup with the guest to answer any questions
  • Ongoing: help promote the podcast on social media and in physical locations throughout the region (posting business cards/flyers at local cafes, etc.)

It’s a bonus that weighs in your favor if you have any of these  . . .

  • WordPress experience and can help craft our show notes pages;
  • Garageband or Adobe Audition experience to edit or create clips from audio;
  • Email marketing experience using a permission-based list with tools such as Mailchimp.

To be successful, you’ll need to be:

  • Overall, a positive and upbeat professional–this work is fun, but it’s a business.
  • An excellent, effective communicator. Whether you’re in person, on the phone, working in email or texting, your words need to be appropriate, kind, and grammatically correct.
  • Highly organized and detailed with documented checklists, so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Politely persistent, with great followup skills
  • Resourceful to be able to figure things out on your own, and confident enough to ask what you don’t know!

You’ll also need access to your own computer and have basic computer skills (email, search, Word docs).

You don’t have to have experience with podcasting to apply, although we’d expect you’ve listened to a few episodes (ours and others) before applying. In the job, we’d expect you to listen to every Bonita Business Podcast episode as soon as it is released.

How to Apply

No resumes, please–just complete this form and follow these instructions carefully.

Feel free to share this link with your friends and family, or on social media, too.