What’s Your New Year’s Revolution (Yes, I Said Revolution)

my-new-years-revolutions with Coach Darcy

Every January, I fall into the trap of thinking a lot about resolutions.  A LOT.  You? Probably, too. Read on.

Here’s a snapshot of my mental dialogue:

“Hmm. . .hello new year. So what do I want to resolve to do different . . . anything?  Everything? But if I make resolutions, will I keep them? Don’t want to be one of the January lemmings flooding the gyms, health food stores, self-help aisles . . . hmmm . . . maybe this isn’t the year for resolutions. . . . a lot on my plate, and January’s already busy and I didn’t do half the things I thought I would last year . . . I don’t totally suck as is, so maybe I won’t make any after all . . .damn, it’s cold out. . .where are my gloves? . . .”

And so it goes. And while I may eventually settle on an area of focus or one word theme for the year, I tend to abandon setting resolutions.

But I’m big on REVolutions.

Especially the small, quiet ones, like we’re creating together here.

Evolution of this revolution

When I started Red Cape Revolution, I’d been coaching and consulting for several years with people who My typical client looks good on paper (Red Cape Revolution)were very successful “on paper.” That means they had a good job, at a good company, made comfortable money, and had all the outward trappings of being a very accomplished professional person.

But they didn’t feel accomplished. They didn’t feel successful.

Something needed to change.

At the time, the loudest message in career change circles was to leave your corporate job, start your own gig, follow your dream, etc.  Screw the man, be your own boss–you know the song.

But for so many people, change on that scale felt too big, too intimidating, too expensive, too risky, too far away, not a fit for the work and life they wanted to lead.

And so they never changed.

That’s where I came in.

Together, my clients and I found real-world, practical ways to change their life at work without changing everything in Is it time to change your life at work?their life. We found ways they could get that confident, red cape feeling back at work and do things like . .

  • Stay in their current role, and work with less stress
  • Ask—and get—for more recognition, money, or advancement from their boss or leadership
  • Lead or manage people from values and heart rather from processes and rules
  • Reshape their responsibilities to make work more fun, more valuable, or to create more opportunities to grow toward the next big thing
  • Create strategies to manage through a job or company they’ve grown out of, while creating the clarity, plan and tools to move on

All without slamming the door on everything in their lives right now. That’s revolutionary.

So that’s my revolution. Maybe it’s just one person at a time, or one article at a time, but bit-by-bit, I’m leading a quiet revolt against what’s not working for us at work anymore. And that continues, and hopefully, gets better this year.

So I’d like to know . . .

What will YOUR revolution look like this year?

Will you . . .

No matter how big or small your revolution at work, we’re here to help. RedCapeRevolution.com is a place for busy, successful professionals working in corporate environments to get real-life, practical tools that help create a better life at work—often right where they are—without waiting for their boss, the economy, or the world to change.

We’re glad you’re here.

Let the New Year’s revolution begin.

YOUR TURN: What’s YOUR revolution this year? Share it on Facebook. And here’s to a great new year.

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