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My Own Look Back at 2011

Before 2012 hits hard, look back at 2012!

Before 2012 begins spinning fast, I wanted to share my own look back, in response to several of you who were curious  (or bored, not sure which.)

After all, 2011 was the first full year of After 82 blog posts, 22 media citations, 15 speaking appearances around the US, and most importantly, coaching more than 50 people privately or in groups, it was a pretty amazing year. Oh, and there was also the completion of my book, “Bring Your Superpowers to Work: Your Guide to More Clarity, Confidence & Control,” which launches this month. As we attribute to James Brown, whoa, I feel good. (Insert your own dance moves here.)

Whether you’re a client, colleague, blog reader, Facebook friend, Twitter follower or just someone who’s stumbled across us recently, it couldn’t have happened without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

What follows for the curious or bored are my uncensored answers for my own look back on 2011. Like many of you, I work hard to push aside the thoughts of the things not yet done or not done to my standards. But all in all, I’m proud to be living in my superpower space. I hope you have the same reaction when you complete your look-back, and if you don’t, well, welcome to a new year filled with possibilities!! (Stay tuned here at for continued encouragement and support–we’re here cheering you on!)

  • The thing I am the most proud that I did this year is . .  reaching out for more support. Thanks to master coach Tony Klingmeyer who asked me in December 2010, “on a scale of 1-10, how well supported do you feel?” When I heard myself answer “3”–and yet was surrounded by people who wanted to help me and also had the ability to hire others–I got in motion.
  • The thing I am most proud that I didn’t do this year is . . . put off completing my book because I thought I had too many other things going on.
  • The area I gained clarity in this year was . . . that as much as I love putting my extroverted self out in the world speaking and coaching, I also valued my introverted time huddled with my laptop writing this blog or my book. I didn’t think I could love both–and be successful at both–but I was wrong.
  • To create that clarity, I . . . changed my environment for that introverted time. Finding quiet–but not too quiet–places to write (my fave was our local Panera) was incredibly helpful.
  • This year, my confidence grew in these areas . . . many, but primarily my professional speaking. Getting hired by great companies like State Farm, Cracker Barrel, and Deloitte Consulting helped!
  • To help my confidence grow, I . . . promoted my speaking topics to a broader variety of organizations across the country, not just relying on my reputation in my own backyard and referrals from people who know me. Some said no, but some said yes, and those opportunities in cities like Denver, Orlando, Nashville, and Kansas City allowed me to meet more amazing people and spread my message even further.
  • This year, I took more control over . . . my time. I got stingier and didn’t accept every networking group invitation or listen to every hot teleclass. I also hired the wonderful Ashley Bambarger to work my schedule and keep me on track, and it makes a huge difference! (She’s if you need to schedule time with me!)
  • The easiest thing about the year was . . . meeting so many of you, and listening to your amazing stories of how you’re wearing your red cape and revolutionizing your life at work!
  • The hardest thing about the year was . . . deciding which ideas and opportunities deserved my attention, and which I could push aside or reject all together. I don’t like to plant seeds I won’t have time to water or weed, but sometimes it’s hard to know which seeds will be the ones to grow. I passed on some seeds that could have made lovely flowers–oh well.
  • The best support I got during the year came from . . . my family, who never questioned any of my choices.
  • I’m proud to have worn my red cape this year when . . . my accountant, looking at my much smaller taxable income level than I had as a principal at an HR consulting firm, said, “Maybe you’ll have a more successful year next year.” Knowing that the work I’m doing now is important, valuable, and right smack dab in my superpower space, I responded, “I’m more successful than I’ve ever been.” Soar!
  • If I could sum up 2011 in one final word, it would be . . . grateful.
  • If I could give myself one word of focus for 2012, it would be . . . hmm. . this is the tough one. What to choose? I asked some friends on Facebook. Meredith suggested “motion,” which I like. Heidi said “Serenity,” which is good, but I’m guessing with a book launching as well as new programs and speaking topics, this probably won’t be a serene one–by choice, of course!! John suggested “bumfuzzled”–maybe too much champagne? At any rate, I’ll keep searching.

What are your ideas? Have a 2011 look back to share? Tell us on our Facebook page at or leave a reply on our blog below. And have a happy new year!!

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