A few wishes from me to you this holiday season,–

I wish you a broom to sweep away doubt;

To know that you matter, that you’ve got the clout.

I wish you a scale (like the ones for the trucks),

To weigh out your year, but in impact, not bucks.

I wish you a pump (one for air, not the shoes);

To inflate your courage so through life you just cruise.

I wish you a ruler, snapped clean into two;

To remind you your measure is just up to you.

I wish you a timepiece that moves at your will,

And offers the freedom to grow or just chill.

And I wish you a cape, bright red, but of course;

To protect and inspire, because YOU are a force.

You deserve those and more, dear reader, my friend

Peace, health and thanks–now this poem’s at its end.


Grateful to have you along our journey at RedCapeRevolution.com as we strive to help you bring your superpowers to work so you can soar in your life. Best to your family and loved ones this holiday season!

Always, Darcy

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