Thanks for joining us the IBS Women’s Network sessions on Communicating Your Value (While You’re Doing Everything Else).

Missed the November session or want to watch again? Here’s the replay:

Need the action sheet? Download it here.

Missed the December Q&A meeting  (or want to watch it again?). Here it is (note: the breakout sessions are not included here so that small groups could talk privately!)

If You Want to Go Deeper

you are amazing

I put together a collection for you of other tools related to the topics we talked about in the workshop. That way, you can go deeper and share these ideas with others on your teams, too.

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On discovering your superpowers and telling your story:

Discover Your Superpowers at Work (Mini-Training Video)

How to Get Clear on What You Want (Video)

How to Be More Valuable at Work (In Any Economy)

How to Tell Your Story at Work [includes downloadable Who & Do What Worksheet]

My book, Bring Your Superpowers to Work: Your Guide to More Clarity, Confidence & Control

On managing overwhelm or increased workloads

Strategies to Find More Time at Work (Without Working More) [VIDEO]

How to Say NO at Work: Thirteen Scripts & Strategies (Plus Free Download)

Tough Conversations at Work: Scripts for When It’s Time for Change

How to Say Hard Things to Good People at Work

Is it Time for a Relationship Reset at Work? How to Know & What to Do

On networking

I’ve Written the Networking Emails for You (So You Can Start Now)

Your Guide to Network While You Work

How to Get Noticed Without Networking: 5 Simple Actions

On building confidence

How Do You Build Confidence at Work When You Don’t Have the Answers? Here’s What to Say

Get Your Ideas Heard at Work (Strategies & Scripts)

My free daily audio series, Your Red Cape Career, offers short (+/- 5 min) messages of positive encouragement during times of change

On using LinkedIn

Tame the LinkedIn Shame: Simple Steps to Put This Powerful Tool to Work

How Do I Get 500 Connections on LinkedIn? (5 Steps & Scripts)

Book a LinkedIn video review with me here

On planning for the end of the year

What To Do Before Your Annual Review

Help! I’m Afraid to Ask for More Money at Work (& What to Do If That’s You)

The end of the year’s a great time to do the work in my short online course, Create Career Clarity. More here.

On working remotely

Help! I Feel Hidden Working Remotely! [4 Unique Ways to Be Seen]

Please, please: no more bad video meetings (my rant, & practical tips)

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