Darcy Eikenberg, leadership coach & speakerThanks for being part of our webinar for the women of Lowenstein Sandler! Here are more resources from my library to help you continue to bring your superpowers to work.

I appreciate being invited to join you at Lowenstein Sandler! Here’s to a great year ahead! –Darcy


➡️ On discovering your superpowers and telling your story:

How to Be More Valuable at Work (In Any Economy)

How to Tell Your Story at Work [includes downloadable Who & Do What Worksheet]

Tell Your Story at Work: 21 Questions to Get You Started

Also, Chapter 6 of my book “Red Cape Rescue: Save Your Career Without Leaving Your Job” is all about how to “Rewrite Your Story.” It’s available at all online booksellers including Audible.

➡️ On taking more control of  your career:

What’s in Your Control, Really? (Video)

“How Do You Take Control of Your Career? Your Question Answered

How to Plan Your Career Retreat (& Downloadable Planner Inside)

What to Do During Your Career Retreat

My companion toolkit to my book, “Red Cape Rescue: Save Your Career Without Leaving Your Job” (free)

➡️ On getting clear about the experiences you want:

Discover Your Superpowers at Work (Mini-Training Video)

Decode Your Values (Worksheet)

How to Be More Valuable at Work (In Any Economy)

How to Tell Your Story at Work [includes downloadable Who & Do What Worksheet]

➡️ On creating a longer term vision:

Managing Your Career: First, Shine Up Your Vision

Winning the Battle of the Brain: Your Key to Career Success (audio)

Reboot Your Year (audio series)

➡️ On applying our human skills:

Why Soft Skills Are Harder Than They Look (my article on Forbes)

How to Be Human at Work (& Why It Matters So Much Right Now

How to Be a Better Coach at Work 

Four Leadership Strategies To Build More Trust (Psst: They’re Unexpected)

➡️ On working remotely:

Reset Your Remote Team: 4 Fresh Strategies

Help! I Feel Hidden Working Remotely! [4 Unique Ways to Be Seen]

Please, please: no more bad video meetings (my rant, & practical tips)

➡️ On doing less that matters more:

Job Stability: How to Create it in an Uncertain World

How to Drop Some Balls at Work (& Know All Will Be Fine) [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

Make Work Easier: 8 Experiments to Save Time, Money & Stress

➡️ On being a more effective leader (no matter what your role):

How to Speak Confidently to Your Team (No Matter What) —my article in Harvard Business Review (may require free sign-up to read)

Help Your People Want to Stay: How to Show More Appreciation at Work

Leading Through Change? The Counterintuitive Power Move to Make Now

Are You Getting in the Way of Your Team? 3 Warning Signs for Leaders

➡️ On managing overwhelm:

Strategies to Find More Time at Work (Without Working More) [VIDEO]

How to Say NO at Work: Thirteen Scripts & Strategies (Plus Free Download)

Tough Conversations at Work: Scripts for When It’s Time for Change

Is it Time for a Relationship Reset at Work? How to Know & What to Do

➡️ On building confidence:

How Do You Build Confidence at Work When You Don’t Have the Answers? Here’s What to Say

Get Your Ideas Heard at Work (Strategies & Scripts)

My free audio series, Reboot Your Year, offers 28 days short (+/- 5 min) messages of positive encouragement during times of change.

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