Great! You're all registered for my mini-course, How to Make a Bigger Impact.

Watch for the login info to land in your email box on January 1 (but of course, if you're still nursing a champagne headache, you can complete the course any time in 2017).

This course is intended to be a QUICK but POWERFUL dive into a BIG topic. We could spend days here--but you don't have days, I know! That's why I designed these lessons to take in under an hour, but with ideas that change what you do for years to come. We'll cover things like:

  •  Why making an impact matters to you now, and why it's important to more than just you
  •  What's getting in the way of your greatest impact (and more importantly, how to move those things out of your way!)
  •  Plus, five specific strategies you can use immediately (each lesson under 10 minutes).

You'll learn tips to help you make surprisingly small adjustments in what you do and how you do it. They all add up to making a bigger difference at work, on your teams, and for your cause or community.

This mini-course hasn't been released yet, so you'll be among the first to participate and offer your feedback. Again, watch your inbox on January 1. Can't wait to see how you'll make a bigger impact in 2017!



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