I love IABCTHANK YOU for being part of the IABC Heritage Region Conference! Whether you came to my career courage-building session on How to Be Brave Without Being Stupid, or whether we met at one of the other sessions, I hope you walked away with something of value and had a great time!

Get My Action Sheet

In my session, I gave away an action sheet you can download here or on the conference site here.

More Free Tools & Resources

Also, the action sheet lists links to several of my most popular tools and articles. For your easier clicking, here they are! (Oh, and they’re all free.)

Also, earlier this year, we ran a live 30-Day Career Courage Challenge with more than 200 people joining me each day for a new action to grow our courage. You can click here to access all 30 of the challenges here.

You Rock

Thanks again for making time for the conference! I’m honored that our paths crossed, and if I can do anything to support you, your colleagues, or friends, it would be my honor.



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