Hey there! Coach Darcy here, and I’m so glad you’re attending the IABC 2022 World Conference!Darcy Eikenberg, Bonita Springs business coach

You’ve found your way here either because you attended my Tuesday afternoon workshop,  “How to Be a Hero in Your Life at Work (No Matter What)” or saw in the app that I’ve got some additional tools for you here.

Watch the preview video on LinkedIn here. 

Thanks to all who came and focused on the most important person in your life at work—and that’s YOU.

I hope you walked away with at least one idea that will help you continue soaring in your life at work—or to get that feeling back if you’ve lost it along the way.

Please remember to rate and review the session in the app, and be sure to add your comments at the end. Also, please tell IABC about the session when the overall conference feedback comes out!

Oh, and yes, feel free to share the resources on this page with your fellow IABC members and new friends you’ve met at World Conference!


I love to reward the curious, the explorer, the person who’s so darn organized that they’re finding this page in the app.

For you right now, I have two special items to share.

First, check out this library of some of my most popular resources, organized by your most pressing challenges at work.

  • We have NOT released this to the public yet—you’re the first to see it and use it. We’re looking for feedback and hiccups, so give it a test run and email me at Darcy@RedCapeRevolution.com with any thoughts you have.

Second, just for discovering this secret page, I want to give you a free e- or audio version of my latest book, “Red Cape Rescue: Save Your Career Without Leaving Your Job.”

Thanks for being at IABC World Conference 2022!

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