WOW! What a great IABC World Conference 2018!

Coach Darcy EikenbergDarcy here, and thank you to all who made the brave decision to participate in my workshop, “The Career Courage Challenge: How to Be Brave at Work (Without Being Stupid.)”

–>>>  Download the action sheet here (yes, with the “answers” filled in). 

–>>> NEW: Download a rough audio cut of the workshop here  (I record this for my own learning, but some of you have asked, so why not share it? It was a loud and lively room, so we’ve tried to chop out the exercises and inaudibles. But if you’d like to listen again–or for the first time–try this.)

Oh, and even if you didn’t join us–after all, there were some GREAT workshops Wednesday morning–please help yourself to the action sheet and the tools that follow anyway! It’s my thanks to you for being at IABC 18!

Want to chat with me live?

As I mentioned during my workshop, as my thanks for being part of the conference and as a way to keep the conversation going, I’ve reserved a handful of free, 30-minute coaching chats for you.

No rules, no pressure, and nothing to sell, but yours to use if you want to dive deeper into your plans for courage and other actions you want to take after IABC 18.

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Get Other Tools Here

In the meantime, help yourself to any of the tools below that may be of special use to you as a communication professional today. 

If you find value in one of these tools, I’d be honored if you’d share it with a colleague or friend. That’s the best way these ideas get in the hands of more people like us who want to soar in our careers and lives.

But wait. . .there’s more . . .

If you’d like a copy of my presentation or a specific slide, just email me and ask. (Warning: The fun, feisty file is H-U-G-E. )

If you’d like to check out my ideas on how not to become a commodity (shared at the 2017 IABC World Conference), go here.

If you’d like to invite me to speak at your company, professional organization or IABC chapter, I’d be honored to talk more. Just email me.

Finally, if you want to make sure you’re getting the strategies and stories I share each week from the world of work, get on my insider list here–absolutely free, always.

And remember . . YOU WERE THERE . . .

. . . and I am soooooo grateful.