Hey IAAP Friends!

iaap summit--meet Coach Darcy thereCoach Darcy Eikenberg here, and I am so glad that I’ve had the opportunity to teach my workshop, “Communicating Your Value (While You’re Doing Everything Else)” at IAAP Summit 2019! Thanks to the hundreds of you who came ready to grow and learn! Looking forward to watching you soar!

But the learning isn’t over yet . . .

First, Workshop Goodies

Want a quick scan through the presentation again? Here are the visuals only in video–under 5 minutes.

Got a little more time?

Here’s the audio only from Day 2, starting about 10 minutes into the workshop (hey, I’m human and forgot to turn on the recorder both days ’cause I was so excited to see all of you!)

 And, you can download the PDF of the workshop visuals and the Action Sheet.

Finally, you might see yourself here (about 2 minutes long).

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I’m also writing a couple of articles for IAAP Edge later this year. What should they be about? Email me here with your suggestions!

Plus, more tools from my library:

Check out these other resources that you can use to help you communicate your value and soar through your work and life.

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Plus, more to come!

Oh, and don’t forget–you can always schedule your own private 30-minute conversation for after the Summit. There, you can ask questions, get honest answers, and get a taste of how professional coaching support can help you move forward, faster. Plus, it’s fast, free & completely confidential.

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Thanks again for being part of IAAP!  Let’s soar!