Hey IAAP Friends!

iaap summit--meet Coach Darcy thereCoach Darcy Eikenberg here, and I can’t wait to be with you at the IAAP Summit on July 19 & 20! Join me for my five-star workshop, “Communicating Your Value (While You’re Doing Everything Else)” on one of two dates:

  • Friday, July 19 | 1:30 – 3:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, July 20 | 8:30 – 10:00 a.m.

My promise to you:

My workshops are no-judgment spaces–safe places to think, talk, and experiment with new ideas. There’s no need to impress here–I think you’re impressive just as you are. Seriously, do you realize how much courage and confidence it takes to show up at a professional conference like this one? Not everyone does that in their career. So you rock.

And, while I’m flattered when you show up to hear from me, you should know that a highlight of my work is my way of connecting you to others–again, in a safe, easy and fun way–even if you think of yourself as a quiet introvert. I promise you’ll walk out not only with a new perspective or two, but also with a new contact–or even a friend.

Find the workshop Action Sheet here: Communicating Your Value (action sheet).

Plus, when we’re LIVE and IN-PERSON during each session, you’ll have the opportunity to enter a drawing for a signed copy of my book, “Bring Your Superpowers to Work: Your Guide to More Clarity, Confidence & Control” AND a 60-minute phone or Zoom coaching session scheduled for after the Summit. Bring your business card to enter!

And a BONUS!

From now until midnight ET Sunday 21st, you can also enter the SECOND CHANCE DRAWING for a signed copy of my book AND a 60-minute phone or Zoom coaching session–whether you attended the session or not!

To enter, just text IAAP2019 to the number 44222. Like this:

text to enter Coach Darcy's second chance drawing

You’ll get an email confirming you’re IN for the second chance drawing, and if you win, my team will contact you the week of July 22.

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And these free tools from my own website!

As the Summit starts, watch this page . . .

We’ll keep adding more links to resources that you can use to help you communicate your value and soar through your work and life.

Until then, become part of our Insider Community here (free) and get weekly tools and strategies from me that are proven to work for your life at work.

Oh, and don’t forget–you can always schedule your own private 30-minute conversation for after the Summit. There, you can ask questions, get honest answers, and get a taste of how professional coaching support can help you move forward, faster. Plus, it’s fast, free & completely confidential.

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If you’re not yet registered for the Summit, do it today, and mark that you’re attending one of my workshops!  See you there!