There’s lots to do in our fun, fast, and fantastic world of work. get more control over your time | Red Cape Revolution

Lots of amazing things to say yes to. Tremendous opportunities to learn and grow. Everyone has a good idea to pursue.

And because you’re valuable, talented, and sweet-smelling, they want you involved. And you will always add value. Make things better.

But at what cost?

If you need to get more control over your time at work, we can help.

Our coaching on this topic includes a comprehensive, structured process to take a hard, honest look at how you’re investing your time, and what results you’re getting. We also dive into understanding your leadership style, strengths, and the impact you want to make on your organization and in your career. Finally, we help you make the hard choices and take action that finally gives you control again in your life at work.

Let’s Get Started

The best way to start is to request a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. We’ll talk completely confidentially about what’s happening for you as a leader, and you’ll get a taste of what working with Coach Darcy will be like.

Our clients include leaders in major organizations such as The Coca-Cola Company, Microsoft, Deloitte, Johnson Controls, PharmaLogics, Southern Company, AON and more. So you’re in good company.

Click the button, answer a few questions (we keep all of your responses strictly confidential), and our team will followup with you shortly.

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