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How to Make This the Year YOU Get Career Clear

What if this were the year you got career clear? join our master class

Stories, I hear stories. . .

Mattie had been working really hard, responsible for several million dollars of business in her company. Her clients loved her, her team respected her, and she enjoyed her work. She expected that her results would earn her the next promotion. The promotion cycle came—and went—without a promotion for Mattie. What’s next was no longer clear. . .

David liked his company and enjoyed his work. Then his boss quit, and someone else was hired into that role. Suddenly, everything seemed to change. What had been easy became hard; what was in David’s control now felt out of his hands. He started to dread Mondays. . .

Kathy’s fast-paced work was great—when she was 28 and single. Now, with two young children who need her to show up with energy and attention at home, the same work felt out of sync with her life. But when she dreams of making a radical change, she stops short of any action, knowing her career pays the bills for all the nice things her young family enjoys. Kathy felt stuck. . .

My clients Mattie, David, Kathy needed to get career clear.

And they did.

How ’bout you?

If you’re ready to get career clear, there’s a new way to get help.

Mattie, David, and Kathy invested in themselves and their futures to work with me individually, helping them finally have clear answers to their common question, “what’s next for me.” I’m proud and honored to have helped them get career clear. (More on their stories below.)

And I’d like to do the same for you. career clear master class video of Darcy Eikenberg

So we’re experimenting with a new way for more of you to get the proven tools and techniques that will bring you the clarity you’re longing for in your career. It’s our new Career Clear Master Class, and it’s starting February 16.

(This is a new class for me to teach, and so I’m limiting it to 20 people to make sure I can keep it focused and relevant for all involved. Will one of those 20 be you?)

(Already know you want in? Watch my video and sign up here. )

Why would you need a master class to get clear about what’s next?

I talk to a lot of successful, busy professionals every day. And it breaks my heart is when I hear comments like this:

  • “I know my career seems successful “on paper”—good job, good company—but I sure don’t feel that way on the inside.”
  • “I don’t have time to think about what’s next for me right now–life is just too busy. But I’m a little scared that if I don’t do something proactively that I’ll get caught unprepared.”
  • “I’ve tried to talk to my manager new opportunities, and I get lots of head-nodding but not a lot of action.”
  • “I’m overwhelmed by all the magazines and blogs telling you a hundred different actions you MUST take to manage your career—where should I focus? Which actions are worth doing?”

Does that sound like you, too? If it does, I hope you’ll let me help. 

The three roadblocks we’ll break down

Below, I’ll share the specifics of what’s in our class. But in the big picture, I’ve designed our Master Class to get rid of the three of the biggest roadblocks that you have told me are getting in your way of having the career you love–whether at your current company, or somewhere else. Are you hitting a brick wall? Time to get career clear

1. Time

Between working, commuting, taking care of your family, keeping up with friends, working out (or worrying about working out), flossing, and sleeping once in a while, today’s successful professional is pretty tight on time.

It’s probably the top reason I hear why people avoid thinking about (and taking control of) their careers–it seems like it’ll take too much TIME.

Our Master Class is designed to make the most of your time, and to not waste a second of it.

You participate from the comfort of your own home, office, car, barrack, treehouse or wherever you want to be. Each month, I’ll release a powerful and fast-paced Strategy Session video for you to watch (or MP3 for you to listen) with ideas and techniques you can consume whenever you want and put to work immediately.

Our Strategy Sessions will reveal the latest—and surprising—tools and techniques to help you:Our Career Clear Master Class Starts Soon

  • Dive deeper into knowing your superpower space and how to use it at work
  • Put the right words in your mouth: bragging, self-promotion, and other brave ideas
  • Network while you work to explore possibilities, simply & easily,without feeling awkward or afraid
  • Understand and stay focused on what’s most important to you, so you can make more time for your career and future (and still have time for your life)
  • Learn to love LinkedIn, knowing how to exploit and explore this career-building tool
  • Plus other targeted topics based on what you & your classmates find most valuable to you!

In addition, each month you’re invited to a live Q&A call where I’ll talk more about the Strategy Session content and answer ANY questions you might have about how you’re getting career clear. You can mark these on your calendar to participate live or download the recordings to listen later.

Plus, as part of our class, you’ll get access to our private LinkedIn group to ask questions 24/7 and to make new connections and shortcut the time you spend searching for answers and inspiration.

2. Focusour career clear content is targeted to you

As your guide, I make it my business to sort through the gunk and the worthless advice that’s out there about careers (I still see stuff being shoveled at you that hasn’t worked since the 90s) and only bring you what has been proven to work.

Every single thing I teach has been implemented with my private clients with great success. I’ve used (and continue to use) the best strategies in my own work and career. This isn’t boring theory–it’s the simple, practical stuff that makes a difference.

(Plus, if you’ve followed us for a while, you know I work hard to make any of our learning fast and fun, and I’ll promise you won’t be bored.)

3. Money

There’s a direct correlation between our careers and money. After all, it’s the reason we take a job/build a business/want a career in the first place. If it weren’t for the money part, we’d call it a hobby, or volunteer work, or “the thing I do to get out of the house.”

And it’s counter-intuitive that most of us resist spending money on the thing that makes us money. But we do.are you afraid about money?

So without going into a lot of behavioral economic psychobabble here, I’ll just say that for this first class of 20, we worked hard to get you past the money barrier because we want you IN.

So here’s the breakdown.

  • For the approximately 300 days that our class runs—February through November—the Basic level is just a little over a dollar a day, at $347.
  • If you’d like to add a private one-on-one coaching session and some other bonuses, join at our Hero level for $447 (about $1.50/day).
  • Or, take the VIP route and add four private coaching sessions across the 10 months, and also get free admission to my next “Should I Stay or Go” class, and it’s $997, or a little over $3/day.

So what’s your career stress and worry costing you right now? What would you pay to get those hours back you’ve spent frustrated, or wading through self-help books, or starting and stopping and starting and stopping?

Click here to be one of the 20 who get career clear with me in 2015.

 So what about Mattie, David, and Kathy?

I taught Mattie two simple techniques that helped her get clear about what was most important for her and for her organization,  and in six months, she got that promotion (with a healthy raise, too) . . .

I showed David the strategies he could use to take back control of his career and get clear once again on what’s next.  He used those strategies to change his role inside his same firm, making his work work again for his career and his life . . .

I helped Kathy create more time to explore possibilities and actions that led her to a new role with more flexibility AND that paid the bills . . .

May I help you?

I hope so. Let’s have some fun and make this the year you get career clear.

Click here to learn more and enroll today. (Deadline is February 14, so give yourself the valentine that’ll pay off for a lifetime!)

click here to be one of the 20

Questions? Click here to email me, or call our office at 404.857.2738. And please share this with others you know who are ready to get career clear!