Here’s an overview of what we’ll cover in our course, “Should You Stay or Go? 6 Weeks to Your Best Career Decision.” (8 min, 56 sec.)

What We’ll Work On Each Week

Week 1 is all about gathering those personal insights and data about what you really want and need. I call this lesson Make the Whispers Visible.

The whispers are those intuitive voices that are trying to get your attention–the very ones that are making you think about whether it’s time to make a choice. We dig into these, create clarity for you, and get rid of the assumptions and roadblocks getting in the way.

In Week 2, we Determine Your Decision Deadline. Yup, right upfront, we set parameters and a timeframe for the specific decision you’ll be making. While that decision may simply be “should I stay or go?”, it might get even more specific than that based on what you discovered in week 1.

In Week 3, we Explore Inside. What’s already in front of you where you are that you can leverage to make the decision you outlined in week 2? In this lesson, we talk about creating conversations without creating panic, and about different ways to think about staying where you are that don’t involve suffering, sacrifice, or settling.

Week 4 lets us Explore Outside. Most traditional career change advice starts here–which is wrong, wrong, wrong (plus, after week 3, you may find you don’t even need to think about what’s outside, although I think it’s a useful exercise and that’s why I include it!) And since there’s a kazillion bits of advice on this elsewhere, we’ll focus more on how you want to show up in the outside world, the mindset of finding new opportunities elsewhere today, and the basic building blocks of modern, professional career search.

Week 5 is where we Avoid the Exploration Traps. If you watched my video on the career decision lifecycle, you’ll know that when we break this cycle, we get stuck. So I’ll show you the biggest, most energy sucking traps (fun fact: resumes are one of them) and most importantly, you’ll learn how to get out and stay out of them.

Finally, in Week 6, we’ll Make a Decision. We’ll go back to your decision deadline and put all your new knowledge together. We’ll also create the action plan to follow so you can continue to stay clear about what’s next and keep moving forward.

Each lesson includes short, fast-moving video lessons (plus audio only if you want to download and take with you). Plus, each lesson has worksheets and tools for you to use. Last, and hopefully not least, you get lots of attention from me–I’ll be checking in with you every step of the way, answering questions, removing roadblocks, and cheering you on.

When you complete this course, you’ll know what to say yes to, and what to say no to. You’ll have confidence in your path and know what you need to do next to keep moving forward on it.

You’ll have a decision that works for you. But first, you have to decide to join me.

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