Dana Eikenberg Dana Eikenberg works with professionals to help them improve their operations and organization. A former Division I college basketball head coach, Dana provides a safe and experienced assist to leaders, coaches and administrators who want to stay focused on their teams and results and need help behind-the-scenes.

With over 20 years of leadership experience, Dana Eikenberg brings:

  • Value-based, ethical leadership, with proven experience driving growth and managing people;
  • Expertise in building and maintaining relationships with multiple stakeholders, including community leaders, academic leaders, business sponsors, media, volunteers and alumni; and
  • Experience in managing projects and solving complex fiscal situations, innovating new solutions and adapting quickly to changing circumstances.

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Dana Eikenberg: Speaking

Dana’s also a popular speaker, with experience talking to both students of all ages as well as professional and community audiences. Topics include:

  • Choice, Not Chance: The Secrets to Building a Great Team
  • Reading the Waves Before You Put Your Board in the Ocean
    • How to understand –and work with–different leadership styles and their expectations
  • Surviving a Wipeout: Life Lessons from Success to Failure
    • How to grow your perseverance and perspective, no matter what happens

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