Awesome! Doing my happy dance!

One last thing -- I just sent you an email to the address you just shared. 

GO CLICK THE LINK IN IT NOW. That tells the email minions I have your permission to send you email. (They're nutty like that.) 

If you don't see an email in the next few minutes, double check your junk folder. If it's there, move it to your primary email feed and click the link. Add me to your Contacts list and make me feel extra special.

(Oh, and if you're a Gmail user and my email went to your Promotions or Updates tab, be sure to move it to Primary so you don't miss a thing.)

Still no email? No worries. Just email my team at Stuff happens, and that's why we have humans who can help. 

Thanks for being part of our awesome community! 

Always, Darcy

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