Great! You're all registered for my course, Create Career Clarity.

You're in my course, Create Career Clarity

Watch for the login info to land in your email box on January 1 (but if you toasted the New Year a little too hard, no worries--you can complete the course any time in 2017).

If you've been feeling stuck in your work and ready to get clear once again on who you are and what you want out of your career, you're in the right place! This course is packed with powerful, bite-sized ideas you can apply immediately.

In it, you'll go through five short videos outlining the proven--but surprising--strategies that help you define what you want next in your career. Most are under 10 minutes (okay, two are closer to 16, but they're powerful!) Plus, you'll get access to my proprietary downloadable tools and other helpful resources that my private clients have found invaluable to save them time, money, and stress in their career.

I developed these tools as part of my broader master class on career decision-making, but after seeing how effective yet simple these strategies can be, I recently made them available on their own. I'm so glad to share them with you now, as my thanks to you.

Again, watch your inbox on January 1. Can't wait to see how you'll make a bigger impact in 2017!

Always, Darcy

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