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T’was the Week Before Christmas (A 2013 Look-Back)

T'was the week before Christmas

T’was the week before Christmas, and I’m a little bit weary
Of songs about gingerbread, and things that are cheery.
And tho I had hoped for a December with pauses;
It seems I’ve continued to work just like Clauses.

So let’s take a break for an end-of-year session.
I’ll tell you some stories, will share my confession.
Cause I’m glad for this year we do now put behind
While lots of good stuff, it was not always kind.

The start of the year brought fun times and big talks;
To Nashville and Texas and Illinois rocks.
Thank you to all who invite me to speak
Your invitations always make my week.

My clients continued, with their courage and guts;
(And the changes they’ve made truly prove I’m not nuts.)
They amaze and inspire, brave topics they broach;
They’re part of the reason I became a coach.

All happened as planned till my dad became sick;
Then everything else dropped away just that quick.
A focus on family, on docs and on tests
Replaced thoughts of red capes and zapped much of my zest.

He’s now getting stronger; and so still am I
But family takes priority time in my eye.
I’m grateful my business can run well ongoing
Good team and great clients are key to that growing.

Along the path of this year, I let some of you down
I never was sure when I would be around.
So if I didn’t write back, if I didn’t commit,
Please accept my “I’m sorry,” that’s all, that’s it . . .

I’ll work to do better in the year that’s ahead.
The things that I’ve learned are now in my head,
And my heart, and my gut, and the places that matter.
(If only I can quiet the crazy brain chatter!)

Plans for next year? Well, there are quite a few
Including more focus and check-ins with you.
I’ll be calling and texting and mailing my cheer
(If you haven’t shared your info, you can still do that here.)

We’ll soon announce dates for our “stay or go” course
To help you decide if your job needs divorce.
And then we’ll help change your life at your work;
The toolkit is free—oh my, what a perk!

So’s the week before Christmas, and as we lock up the store
Let me send you my thanks, my love, and much more.
May the new year bring peace, and success on life’s shape;
With love and with happiness; go soar your red cape.